The Urban Water Tree as an example of how the City of Ghent could encorporate recycled plastics in their path towards climate neutrality

The City of Ghent embraces circularity with projects such as the Circuit Circulair contest, Gent Flipt, Circular Kickstart, Capture etc.In order to facilitate an easy transition towards a more circular society you can't ignore plastics. And that's exactly the core challenge in the INTERREG PlastiCity project: we are investigating how we can

PlastiCity Pledge launched in Southend-on-Sea, UK

A new PlastiCity Pledge has been announced to continue the recycling initiative across the City and organisations in Southend are invited to join. The PlastiCity pledge is designed to easily and quickly guide organisations to become more sustainable, fit for future regulation, and to increase plastic recycling in Southend’s schools and

Wrap-up of PlastiCity in Ghent on Decembre 8th

We are closing the PlastiCity project at the end of this year and invite you to a presentation of the project results. Throughout the duration of the project, we set up a lot of research into behaviour, logistic challenges, composition of post consumer non household plastic waste, setting up an urban plastic platform, ... . […]

First two shipping containers full of plastic

The 70 participants of PlastiCity The Hague that started separating plastic since July and August collected enough plastic to fill two shipping containers (67.3 m³ each) with plastic. That's about 850 kilos of plastic per container. The transport of the collected plastic business waste to the container couldn’t be done more Dutch: by bike.
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