Reduce lost plastics

PlastiCity aims to increases commercial and industrial plastic waste recycling rates in The Hague, Southend on Sea, Ghent and Douai.


Solutions for lost plastics

Waste owners, designers, recyclers, policy makers, NGOs, waste management companies, logistic companies, plastic manufacturers and universities work together in PlastiCity to create innovative and local circular business models within the plastic value chain.
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Replicable strategy

to produce case- specific solutions for collection, sorting and reprocessing of waste plastic.

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PlastiCity cities

In PlastiCity, four cities from the Interreg 2 Seas region join forces to develop new strategies and solutions to increase the recyclability of lost plastics.


Located on the seafront, Southend-on-Sea is committed to minimising the impact of plastics on the environment and the ocean.
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The Douai region has a strong industrial past, looking to renew and keep up with future industrial revolutions.
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The Hague

The Hague, with its many offices, retail and SME’s, is scaling up it’s plastic recycling efforts.
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Strong connections with research institutes make Ghent a talent hub, pioneering in new logistics, separation and recycling technologies.
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Our Partners

PlastiCity follows a quadruple helix co-creation process involving industry, government, research and citizens. Our partners bring together a diverse range of urban and academic skills, expertise and approaches. They are active in different national and local systems. This enables us to identify best practices and to develop a replicable model relevant to other urban environments in the 2Seas region.

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Latest news and updates

“Maybe we can use tramlines to pick up plastic waste?” One way or another: how each city picks up its plastic waste
January 14, 2022, , , ,

“Maybe we can use tramlines to pick up plastic waste?” One way or another: how each city picks up its plastic waste

Reduce plastic waste! That's what we're striving for at PlastiCity. But different countries, different tactics. A new Plasticity report recommends that while in Ghent they could experiment with cargo boats,
First two shipping containers full of plastic
October 25, 2021, ,

First two shipping containers full of plastic

The 70 participants of PlastiCity The Hague that started separating plastic since July and August collected enough plastic to fill two shipping containers (67.3 m³ each) with plastic. That's about
Logo design competition for Southend Schools
October 12, 2021,

Logo design competition for Southend Schools

As part of its PlastiCity campaign at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council we identified a need to introduce a brand-new green accreditation to motivate schools and businesses across the borough to reduce the amount of plastic waste they produce and increase their recycling rates through training and resources. The accreditation will use a point scoring system that equates to either a bronze, silver, or a gold certification. Points will be scored by organisations attending training, making changes to their recycling habits, and showcasing the positive changes they have made to the local environment.

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